Unleash Creativity: Include Dogs in your Wedding Ceremony

We love pets! We know a ton of couples who love them out there too. So we decided to try out a new project to include your pet in your big day. With the help of Ham we did a DIY from @freepeople to dress up dogs. Unleash the creativity and try out this new …

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Family Weaved into Indian Wedding Traditions: Unique Customs and Rich Heritage

Ever been curious to see what it’s like to attend an traditional Indian wedding? They’re known to be colorful, vibrant and full of life…but most importantly rich with tradition! We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of these unique customs this weekend. If you want to know more…take a look at how family and loved ones weave into tradition.

The Non-Traditional Bride: Wedding Style Edition

Throughout the years wedding traditions have evolved and new traditions and styles come into play. We are in the age where you can say no to that three-tier wedding cake and replace it with pies, cookies, donuts, a sweet table or really anything your heart desires. Or quite frankly, the age of breaking the rules …

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Wedding Shoes we LOVE

Let’s face it, weddings bring out the fashionista in all of us. Of course it’s all about that dress, but what about the shoes?! How could you forget? The real question comes down to what do you prefer - style or comfort? Here are some different wedding shoe styles that we LOVE and would make …

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