Visual Wedding Stories: Photographer, Mary Beth Morrissey, Captures Personality

Your wedding day may only last 24 hours…but Mary Beth Morrissey is there to capture the moments and make sure your memories last a lifetime. With a charismatic and upbeat personality (and of course a french bull dog named “Pixel”) she knows how to make photo shoots fun! By getting to know her clients personally…she’ll be able to tell your journey as a couple through photos. After all a picture is worth a 1,000 words!

Mary Beth Morrissey and Pixel. Photo Credit: Capture CT

Where it all began….

Mary Beth’s interest in photography piqued when she entered a photo contest in high school. She knew she loved it…but didn’t expect to win or would at least receive third place. But, little did she know she had actually scored first place! That was when she knew she could really do something with her passion.

Mary Beth Morrissey Photo Credit: Capture CT


“I’m a people-person and others find themselves comfortable with me, which is awesome. Then you’ll find they’re more relaxed in their pictures. So then there photos are more real. That really helps people to be in their natural state and have fun with it!”

-Mary Beth Morrissey





Finding the Story 

Whether it’s how you two met, relationships with your family, or just what a typical Saturday looks like for couples…Mary Beth is there to dig deep and find out how to portray your wedding story through photos.

Bride and Groom at Sunset

Some of her questions may go a bit like this: 

 Describe your partner in a few words. 

 What does a typical Saturday look like when there’s no wedding planning or work to be done? 

Then comes the thought-provoking questions…

What does it mean for you to be your SO’s wife or husband?

“And that is another question that really gets lost in between all of the wedding planning and the logistics and the to-do list that never ends…You forget the why. And we are there to help remind them and get to know them. We always say that we want to shoot our couples authentically and not generically.” 


“Authentic, Not Generic”

Getting to know couples really helps Morrissey create authentic and candid shots for wedding couples. No fake and stiff smiles/poses here. As you can see…this wedding party is having a blast!


Melissa Hall who works for Capture CT had Mary Beth take her wedding photos. Morrissey knows that Melissa loves how her husband, Jeffrey, protects her…making her feel safe. This element showed up in one of her candid shots. Mary Beth may not have chosen it due to photograph technicalities such as cropping or sunlight in her eyes. But Hall absolutely loved it because their relationship really shined through the photo. 


Mary Beth also takes time to get to know your closest loved ones….This helped her to capture a perfect moment for a bride and her father. Morrissey learned that instead of saying “I love you” at the end of a phone call, the bride’s father would hang up the phone and say “click”. Mary Beth knew that infamous word was coming at the end of his speech….What followed next is this priceless reaction shared between them.  



Additional Wedding Photography Services 

Boudoir shoots are becoming a popular trend in the wedding world. Mary Beth offers these services as well. It can be either a gift from a bride to a groom. Or they can partake in it together. 

She also suggests going for unplugged weddings…if not the whole wedding at least just the ceremony. They make sure to get all of the shots you want, so you don’t have to worry about it. That way you can see your aunt or best friend’s face while walking down the aisle rather than a phone/camera. Plus they can get better reactions in the photos! It’s all up to the couple though. 

Learn more about Mary Beth Morrissey and her wedding advice on her blog here! 

Or check out her website!

What Do You Love about Working in Weddings? 

“We do reveal parties and that is my absolute favorite at this point. Friends and family will come and we’ll show them maybe the best 200 photos. We had never done this before…we would just send a link and hope for the best. Now we are seeing people’s reactions…when they laugh, when they cry, when they hold their hands a little tighter…You’re having this experience rather than being on a laptop and going through 1,300 photos. Reveal parties are just the best of the best.”

-Mary Beth Morrissey

“I love connecting with people and making people feel comfortable. That’s something I’m innately good at. So I know what stresses they might be having or what’s stressing them out in any way. I love to sense that and to ease them in any way. I just tap them on the shoulder and say, “Hey, how are you doing. What do you need?” So it’s just nice to be that extra person and make them feel comfortable so they can enjoy their day.”

-Melissa Hall, Capture CT

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