Unleash Creativity: Include Dogs in your Wedding Ceremony

We love pets! We know a ton of couples who love them out there too. So we decided to try out a new project to include your pet in your big day. With the help of Ham we did a DIY from @freepeople to dress up dogs. Unleash the creativity and try out this new trick to make your pet a part of the ceremony! 

Leash Decorating 

Dog Leash

Ham is really excited about the prospect of wearing a new leash. She’s curious to see what her owner: Chloe is up to. Let’s take a walk-through of the steps to create your perfect leash.

Ham Watching Chloe Prepare Leash

Advice to Keep Pets Safe 

If you’re dog hates wearing any type of outfit…this is a great idea to still dress them up without annoying your pup! Make sure if you stroll down the aisles of Hobby Lobby or Michaels that you get fake flowers though. You never know when your dog is ready for a snack.

Chloe and Ham

For our project we used flowers and pearls to decorate the leash. Use twine to wrap it around and hold it in place, this creates a nice flow. If you want you can also use ribbon or lace all depending on your theme! We decided to go with a more rustic charm look since this is a common trend in weddings currently. 

Tips and Tricks 

A piece of advice…Try bringing your pet to your wedding venue a few times before the wedding so they can get used to their new surrounding. This will help to make it a familiar place and easier to walk down the aisle. Also, don’t forget to recruit a pet sitter. That way you can relax and enjoy the big day! 

Check out a tutorial video on how to decorate dog leashes for weddings on our Facebook Page: @EngagedCT. 

Much Love! Engaged New England! 





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