Dropping the Needle on The Record: DJ Sam of Atmosphere Productions Livens the Wedding Reception

Ever since he was a teenager…DJ Sam knew exactly what he wanted to do with his career. He was inspired when he first saw a live DJ performance with his friends at a Youth Club. He was amazed by all of the equipment…but most importantly the reaction of the crowd! His vast experience since then and love of music definitely shows in his weddings. Are you interested yet? Read on to learn more how DJ Sam from Atmosphere Productions can make your wedding a night to remember! 


Custom Songs and Messages 

If you don’t want the standard, cookie-cutter wedding take a look at some of the unique services Sam has to offer. One of them being custom messages! Sam has been surprising couples and family members with this service for nearly 30 years. He wants to make moments on the dance floor such as the first dance or the father daughter dance extra special! DJ Sam says they can record messages prior to the reception or take snippets from the actual ceremony and include them into meaningful songs and dances. It’s all up to you.

DJ Sam With Older Couple

Don’t Forget to Say Cheese!

Need a fun way to capture the moments and remember the night? Look no further…DJ Sam has you covered with the photo booth services they offer. These are a popular trend you see at weddings now, but DJ Sam makes his unique with an added feature. Not only does he hook the booth up to wifi so you can automatically upload pictures..but the bride also has something to look back on.

They offer memory books to couple so they can see all of the pictures their guests take! This is a great keepsake and ensures couple’s won’t miss a minute of their guests antics. Of course, this is fun for all ages!

DJ Sam Photobooth


Musicians and Lighting

If you want some live music for your ceremony or cocktail reception don’t worry about finding one on your own. Atmosphere Productions offers violinists and pianists for smooth music to play during the cocktail hour while guests mingle.





He also has unique lighting services to match your theme. They have a wide variety of colored lights to choose from. But if you can’t find one you like…you can customize your own color scheme on the computer. Couples can bring in a swatch of fabric so they can create a match on the computer. DJ Sam says he wants the lighting to sync up with the theme so everything looks just right! The team at Atmosphere Productions is equipped for both indoor and outdoor weddings when it comes to sound and lighting with their state-of-the-art technology. 

DJ Sam Couple, lighting

DJ Sam Couple's first dance, lighting

What Sets DJ Sam Apart 

DJ Sam says it’s all about the client. He says he’ll play what you request whether it’s a 20 minute song…or Stairway to Heaven backwards he’ll do his best to make it work! Of course he will also leave out songs couples don’t want played. DJ Sam absolutely loves “dropping the needle on the record!” At that moment he gets to see reactions on guest’s faces when they know their favorite jam is coming. He’s done weddings for entire families and made each one of their weddings their own. One couple even remembered him 26 years later and requested him to do their daughter’s wedding. If you want to learn more about why these clients keep coming back..check out his website here!





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