DJae Melee Puts Unique Spin on Wedding Music: Keep your Guests Dancing!

You’ve got the venue, the caterer, and of course the dress! Now what? You can’t forget the tunes…but no worries Djae Melee has you covered. From Indie Rock to current hits he’s got everything you need for your specific tastes. Plus he’s always keeping an eye on new tunes. He knows the new trends before they’re even on the charts. Ready to put on your dancing shoes? Let’s see what Djae Melee has to offer.

DJae Melee With Records

Wedding Couple Consultation

Working with long-distance couples or meeting in person…Djae Melee makes the planning stress not so stressful. He has any easy online form where you pick and chose music genres. He can also Skype or FaceTime with couples who don’t have time to meet in person. Melee says many of his couples come from across the country. They’re either planning to have their wedding in CT or they want to celebrate with family who live in the state. Melee compares the online form to a dry-erase board..he says nothing is set in stone!

Custom Entrances

One part of the planning is custom entrances! Melee says this is where couples really have fun and show their creative taste in music. He’s done about 200-300 unique custom entrances since he started DJaying. One that particularly stuck out to him was when a bride came out to a heavy metal song. She was by lead two Irish Wolfhounds during her grand entrance! Couples in the past have also jammed out to all disney sound tracks or all Led Zeppelin…so there’s definitely plenty to choose from! 

Djae Melee Crowded dance floor

Variety of Genres and Trends

Djae Melee gets people of all ages out on the dance floor. He says he likes to start off with trans-generational music such as Earth, Wind and Fire.  Not only does he get everyone dancing but you can expect to hear something new rather than the same old beats…

“I have about 20 or 30 different ways of how I find music. Some of the newest things I use is Twitter Trends and Google Charts. But each couple also seems to bring in their own artist. An Indie band or something they like that I’ve never heard of before or heard a lot less of. That has expanded my mind since day one of doing weddings.” 

 “I also follow a lot of European trends. They come in like 2-3 months before it hits the U.S. So I actually played some of the Ed Sheeran songs before he came to the United States. “

~Djae Melee 

What Sets Him apart from other DJs

Djae Melee says he never got into the business simply to make money but because he really cares about music and making sure guests have fun! Melee also works in the nightclub scene. He says this past weekend he had a wedding that was entirely club music. So you can have the best of both worlds…traditional wedding music along with club. It’s all up to you! Melee also says he doesn’t like to be cheesy when it comes to DJaying. He tries to keep the talking to a minimum and keep the tunes coming all night long. 

Dancing Guests: Djae Melee

Name Inspiration

You’re probably wondering where Djae Melee got his name…there’s actually two definitions behind it. Melee says it means to mix and to scramble or tangle. He says this is perfect for a DJ because they’re taking a wide variety of music and turning it into organized chaos. 

DJae Melee, laptop logo

Services and Photo-booths

Melee offers a wide variety of services. He can provide uplighting…has high quality equipment and is now offering photo-booths! Melee says these booths have high-quality props such as authentic guitars versus inflatable ones. He also tries to have themed booths according to the venue. They have a 6 foot lighthouse for coastal weddings and a a more rustic-themed booth for barn or farm weddings. 

Uplighting, DJae Melee

Check out his website to learn more! DJae Melee’s Website

Much Love! Engaged New England!


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