Family Weaved into Indian Wedding Traditions: Unique Customs and Rich Heritage

Ever been curious to see what it’s like to attend an traditional Indian wedding? They’re known to be colorful, vibrant and full of life…but most importantly rich with tradition! We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of these unique customs this weekend.  The happy, newlywed couple: Ancil and Siama taught us how significant family is when it comes to cultural aspects throughout the ceremony. If you want to know more…take a look at how family and loved ones weave into tradition. 



Family is included in the big day even before the ceremony begins! To kick things off the groom arrives on a decorated horse to the wedding. This custom is known as the Baraat. Ancil arrived with his sister and nephew in a horse and carriage adorned with beautiful flowers. A drummer begins the festivities with a few beats…then family and friends lead the groom while dancing and clapping. Confetti is launched into the air while traditional Indian music blasts from speakers.  The bride’s side receives the grooms relatives and loved ones at the end of the procession. 




Wedding guests dance with Ancil upon his arrival…

Bride’s Entrance 

While the groom arrives at the ceremony…Bride Saima prepares to make her long-awaited entrance with her bridesmaids and father. Their hands are decorated with intricate henna designs and they carry beautiful flowers. 

Rose Garlands Exchange  

Beautiful, crimson rose garlands are exchanged between the parents of the bride and groom as flowers petal are tossed into the air in celebration. Later on during the ceremony garlands are also exchanged between the groom and bride. This symbolizes the acceptance of one another and to pledge their respect as partners in life. 

Prince and Princess Tale 

The exchange of rose garlands stems from a ancient ritual when a king would invite kings from surrounding kingdoms to his palace. During this occasion he would have a difficult event to challenge the kings. Whoever ended up winning the event first would win the hand of the king’s daughter in marriage. Even back then the princess had a right to choose if she wanted to accept the champion or not. In order to signify the acceptance…she would place the rose garland on the one whom she wanted to marry. Saima showed her acceptance of Ancil with this custom before they took their seven vows. 

Seven Vows 

During the ceremony a fire is lit known as the Agni. The Agni portrays a manifestation of God and the divine witnesses to the wedding. The couple circles the fire together seven times…signifying seven vows. These vows include: prosperity, strength, wealth, happiness, progeny, nature’s bounty, and companionship. 

Kids Involvement in Ceremony 

No matter the age…the couple involves their relatives and loved ones in the ceremony. Check out the adorable roles of the kids of the family! They wanted to let the groom know his beautiful bride was ready to make her entrance! 

Much Love!

Engaged New England

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