The Benefits of a Snow Day

It’s March and we would be more than happy if Mother Nature would make up her mind on the weather. Why does it have to snow now…there has already been 3-4 months where it could have snowed but instead it has felt like spring!

For many people a snow day such as today can be very beneficial, especially for those engaged couples out there. What better way then to actually make yourself sit down and plan your wedding then being snowed in?! Here are 4 ways you can make sure you are actually using your snow day productively.

Build yourself a fire!

What better way than to stay warm than in front of a fire?! Lay everything out that you -1have and start putting the info into diff piles. No matter what stage of planning you are in this is a great way to organize and see what has been done and what still needs to get done.

Grab yourself a drink and get to planning.

What ever floats your boat whether it be wine, bubbly, baileys and hot cocoa or even some beer, make sure you have plenty of it. Remember wedding planning is suppose to be fun so don’t stress, use this day to either play catch up or to get ahead with all the planning.

Catch up on any emails or phones calls you need to make.

10 to 1, wedding vendors will be working from home in front of the fire place as well. So take the time to read through any emails you have received, and think of any questions you have had and fire away. Remember if you are ever stuck or need a direction to head in contact a wedding planner. They are there to help when you need it and can organize a plan that fits your needs and price point.

Have fun with it!

Use this time to have fun with your partner, chat, laugh and discuss what will be the best day of your lives. Plus nothing is more perfect than being snowed in with the one you love.

Much Love! Engaged New England!


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