Blended Wedding Ceremonies

Recently Engaged? Great! All you have to do is pick up a bridal book that tells you everything you need to know; from how to pick out center pieces, and when to book your DJ, or how to deal with your lovely but kind of invasive mother in law… right!?  Wrong!

Those bridal books are great, but they do not have the answers to everything!

For example, most of those books won’t tell a second time (…or 3rd, 4th, etc., no judgment here my friends!) bride or groom how to incorporate their kids or their partners kids into their wedding in a way that still keeps the attention on you!

So, we are here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the sweetest ways to incorporate the little ones you love into your special day, while still keeping the focus on you as a new bride or groom!

Whether you’re getting married to the person you had children with and you want to include your children, or you’re trying to find a way to blend your families into a new family, there are great ways to make it happen!

Let’s start with the obvious!


1.) Include your children in the ceremony!


Now, this can be as simple or as involved as you’d like. With younger children, a great solution is to have them be part of the wedding in roles such as the flower girl or ring bearer.

Just one child, they can help walk you down the aisle!

With really little ones, a wagon (see photo below) with a cute sign is an adorable way to get them involved!

Are they a little older? No problem! Junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen are not only adorable, but it’s meaningful for them and you! If you have just one son or one daughter, a junior maid of honor or a junior best man could be fitting as well!

Now, if something is still missing, or say you’re not really into the idea of having your Elaine Kraich & Landry Fieldschildren as your bridesmaids or groomsmen… No worries!

Another great way to include your children is to let them read something special during your ceremony!

Do you have a favorite quote or short story that represents you and your new hubby/wife? Awesome! Let your child (or children) read something special! Not only will it make them feel included on this big change in your life and theirs, but hearing them read it will make it all the more special for you!


2.) Have a blended ceremony!


After your vows are done, a nice way to acknowledge that the family is now one is by doing something that unifies you!

Whether it is a sand ceremony, planting together, creating a time capsule, or lighting candles to express that you are all now one big family, there are tons of ways to make this prevalent in your ceremony, without taking away from the vows that were exchanged between just the two of you!

Check out some other alternative unity ceremonies from The Knot!
(Most of them are child appropriate!)

3.) Give them a chance to speak

Maybe your child speaking at your ceremony isn’t your thing! That is perfectly okay!Screen-shot-2016-05-20-at-3.35.03-PM

Your kiddo(s) may be more comfortable sharing their own words
for you and your new spouse on your special day!

Let the age of your children and their personalities be your guide!

A more timid child would be better suited for a rehearsed part of the wedding
but your little entertainer may love grabbing the microphone and
telling the guests exactly why they love their parents!

(Staff suggestion: if your older kids are writing any speeches, have a trusted
family member or friend proof read! While I’m sure stories would be shared with love,
ya never know what may come out!)

4.) Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Photos give us the ability to relive amazing moments in our lives!hands.jpg

Whether you have your children do anything else in your wedding
or not, getting great photo ops can’t be missed!

Check out this Pinterest page with cool ideas for blended family
photo ideas that you can share with your photographer!

5.) Gift them something YOUnique!

75c5aecc989083f0fe2a214c77282d37Who doesn’t love a nice gift!? Children in particular tend to love them! A great way to involve them in your wedding day is by giving them a gift that is unique and meaningful.

Think of the children in your family, would they love a piece of jewelry? A nice watch? A photo frame? Maybe they would love a picture book with a sentimental message at the end that they can cherish for years.

Whatever it is that your child or soon-to-be child would love, personalize it and you have a gift that will last a lifetime and will be special to both of you for years to come!

6.) Let Music Make the Memory

Screen-shot-2016-05-20-at-3.00.53-PM.pngAnother sweet yet subtle way to include your children is by dancing with them at your wedding!

By no means should you forgo your special first dance, but to ensure that the moment you two share stays just between you, have a dance planned with your little ones that you can dance to as a family!

Make it more meaningful by choosing a song that is special to your family, whether it makes sense to anyone else or not!

Images: Inside Weddings, Parents, Sacred Wedding Vows, Pinterest, The Knot, Andrea Calodolce Pinterest, Parents, I Do Take Two

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