Our Favorite Wedding Drinks

These days all what couples care about is the food and bar. Which lets be honest, we don’t blame them!! Who doesn’t love good food and fun drinks? Here are some of Estoccasions and Always and Forever Weddings favorite wedding drinks.

The Wedding Themed Drinks:

The Blushing Bride – peach schnapps, grenadine, champagne
Cosmopolitan – vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice
Something Blue – pineapple juice rum, blue curacao, creme de coconut


The Summer time classics:

Sangria – There are so many different options you can do with Sangria. You can stick with the classic sangria however there is always the out of the box ones  There is white peach sangria, strawberry rose sangria, sparkling grapefruit sangria.
Hard lemonade – Vodka and Lemonade

The Classics:

Moscow Mules – Vodka, ginger beer, lime juice
Gin and Tonic – Gin and tonic
Jack and Coke – Jack Daniels and Coke
Dark and Stormy – Rum and ginger beer

The Up and Coming:

Bourbon – Bourbon has been huge! Especially different flavored bourbons. You can range from your classic bourbon drinks to having a bourbon bar at your wedding.


Much Love! Engaged New England!

Images – Toronto Wedding Planners; Eat, Sleep, Make; Brides



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