5 Ways to Dress Shop With No Stress

Regardless of whether it is Friday Bride Day on TLC or a Monday evening, pouring yourself a glass (or three) of wine and watching Say Yes to The Dress re-runs is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. Who doesn’t love critiquing each individual dress that they put on. As the show goes on you experience the moments of wedding dress shopping  with the bride-to-be that brings tears to your eyes as well as the stressful moments that make you want to scream. There is the opinionated family that doesn’t care what the bride thinks, or the friend that wants to steal the show, or even the brides that say they have no money and then end up getting a dress twice their budget.

So how do you prevent some of these stresses that occur when it comes to your day to wedding dress shop?!?!

Don’t bring an entourage the size of Texas! – 10 to 1 when you walk down that aisle everyone is going to love your dress. The dress is you, it describes your style your personality and flaunts your beauty. But that is because YOU love it, so of course everyone else is, its your day! The trouble with big entourages is that too may opinions get in the way and cloud your judgement on what you actually want for your wedding day. Take a few people that really matter to you and want to see you happy and wearing what you want to wear.

When you have someone that likes to steal the show it’s very hard to find a show-stopper. We all know that one person who wants to be the center of attention and when it isn’t the bride it can become very difficult to find the dress that you want to say yes to. Sometimes it is better if these people are left at home and include them in different wedding activities such as cake tasting, etc. Sometimes the person who likes to steal the show is a mother or sister which means that leaving them at home is hard. Have a chat with them beforehand about what you expect that day and don’t be afraid to call them out if they try to steal the show – remember this is your day.

Stick to your budget! The amount of stress you put on yourself when you don’t stick to your budget can be draining. If you find a dress that is a little higher than your price range and you can move the budget around and maybe not get those wedding favors you wanted, then totally ok. But to blow your budget completely can be added stress you don’t need. Stick to trying on dresses in your budget and no matter what don’t put a dress on you can’t afford.

Don’t think that because you are in the store wearing that dress you have to buy it. Find out the salons policy. If you are conflicted or do not know what to do, take the night to go home pour yourself a glass of wine or prosecco and think about what you want. Sometime when you take the time to sleep on it the decision is easier. Just don’t wait until you are 2 months away from your wedding day to get the dress.

Give yourself plenty of time to get a dress! Wedding dresses can take up to 10-12 months to order and then another 2 months just to alter. In order to have multiple options when dress shopping make sure you leave enough time to get your dress. There is nothing more stressful than finding a dress you want and not being able to get it because they won’t get it in time.

In the meantime, pour yourself a glass of wine and turn on Say Yes to the Dress, because who doesn’t love a great wedding show.

Much Love! Engaged New England!

Photo credit: Say Yes to the Dress

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