Wedding Tips for all Those Lovely Couples out There

Its one of your biggest days of your life and with wedding costs averaging anywhere from $33,000-$36,000 (at least in CT) per wedding  you want to do it right.

This past Wednesday Estoccasion was at NBC CT to discuss some very common wedding mistakes that occur while planning a wedding and tips on how to sidestep these mistakes. Kia Martinson teamed up with several different vendors in order to show you how not to plan a wedding.

Vendors and Wedding Dresses:
We will start with the gorgeous dresses from Julie Allen bridal! Depending on the style as well as the amount of alterations you need for that particular dress determines how long until that dress can walk out of the store with you. The beaded beauty displayed on the Manikin can take up to 10-12 months just to order and then another 2-3 months just for alterations – so make sure you plan accordingly.


Another big mistake is that people tend to think that they can save money by ordering a knock off version of the dress. Even though this might work for one or two brides, for many other brides, that knocked off dress they ordered comes in either the wrong color, seams not finished properly (the dress falls a part easily), and even past their wedding date. The dress our model, Grace is wearing below is one of the dresses that many people think they can order knocked off and normally have to spend even more money just to get a dress they like for their wedding.


A good rule of thumb is to nail down a date, the venue and then go looking for dresses. Hair and Makeup is then next on your list. A lot of hair and makeup vendors book a year in advance.

As Kia explains, “If you fall in love with a vendor, book them!”

Little Tips:
Its always great to grab some planners and a calendar to help keep everything on track and in order. The key to successful wedding planning is to finding a pace that works for you. You don’t want to rush everything but you also don’t want to wait until the last second.

Just remember, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed or do not know where to go, give your local wedding event planner a call and set up an appointment. We are here to help and just want you to have an amazing wedding day! Heidi Hanson from Always and Forever Weddings as well as Kia Martinson from Estoccasions are just some of the great Wedding event planners that can help.

DIY Fails that you don’t want to run into:
Another great rule of thumb: even though we love laughing at pinterest fails it is never fun to find out that your DIY project you were counting on isn’t going to work for your wedding; for instance the doiley or yarn lanterns we see all over pinterest. Unless you do arts and crafts for a living these will never look the way they do on pinterest so don’t waste your time.

If you want DIY projects, pick one or two that you know you can make and set a date. If you haven’t even touched that DIY by that date then scratch it for your wedding – doing that project the night before causes for unneeded stress.

Tune in below for more great tips and to see our full segment on NBC CT.


To all the great vendors that contributed, Thank you!
Heidi Hanson Photography – Picture
Always and Forever Weddings – decorations as well as some tidbits
Candace Jeffery Photography – Pictures
Eric Foley Photography – Pictures
Veils and Cufflinks – by Jerome & Jennifer Braga – Pictures
Julie Allen Bridal – the gorgeous dresses
Kiss and Makeup – hair and makeup for both Kia and Grace
Kinsmen Brewing Company – for the spectacular beer wedding favors

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