The Holiday WoW Factor

This past week Estoccasions did their monthly segment on NBC CT discussing some amazing Holiday party ideas that will WoW your guests. It can also help anybody who has their mother-in-law driving you up the wall about how you should just really go to your sister-in-laws house for the holidays because at least “she” decorates nicely. Well now you don’t have to worry about any of that because we have your problems solved.

Step one to throwing an epic holiday party is to keep the kids happy and at bay while the parents play. Which is why using the old trick, the “kids table” comes into play so well. Always and Forever Weddings gave us the idea of writing Santa letters and a couple other arts and crafts to keep the kids busy.


Another  great thing to have at any Holiday Party is the beloved hot chocolate bar. With a selection of different hot chocolates, whip creams, chocolate chips, peppermint stirrers, etc. It will leave your guests nice and toasty while they enjoy catching up with friends and family. For the adults you can even add a selection of Bailey’s, peppermint vodka, or a booze of your choice to add a little spark to anybody’s night.


You can’t have a Holiday party without decorations! Decorating your mantel with some greenery, stockings, or fake candles is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Have any old ornaments laying around?? All what you needs is a hot glue gun and some regular house hold items to make snowmen or even a tree out of old ornaments. By adding cotton balls to your tables and mantel it is an easy way to create fake snow for only two bucks.


Do you always bring wine to every holiday party? Want to switch it up? How about bringing a wooden utensil catty that is also great for carrying beer in as well. It can be used for every season.


And finally, not to be mistaken as the least important….booze and food. You can’t have a holiday party without a good eggnog. Mix together some champagne and cranberry juice for a festive holiday mimosa. And why not wow your guests with a tower of donuts. Just a few of many great food and drink ideas for your holiday party. Just don’t forget to label which drinks are which if you have kids around.


Just in case you missed it… Make sure to check out Estoccasions’ segment on NBC CT!

Much love! Engaged New England!!


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