4 Things to Do Once you are Engaged

You’re engaged and it’s Holiday Season, which means questions up the wazoo! What do you tell people and where do you even begin?!

Number 1: Nail down your venue! Figure out what date works best and what type of wedding you want. If you book a venue that only allows 150 people there is no way you can invite 200 or more people like you originally planned.


Venue: The Barn at Wesleyan Hills

Number 2: If the venue you booked doesn’t already have an on-site coordinator your best bet is to hire a wedding event planner. A wedding event planner will help you save money by sending you to the good caterers as well as give you a good time frame when and what you should be doing. They will also be there on your wedding day to help with any vendor questions and side tasks that way you can enjoy your day.


Event Planner: Estoccasions
Photographer: Danny Kash Photography and Cinema

Number 3: Food! To many couples food is an extremely important part of their day, it can also take up a good amount of your budget if you are not careful. Figuring out if you want a buffet style meal, sit-down meal, family style, open bar, etc. can help you determine how you need to budget the rest of your wedding as well as what style you want.


Venue: Cedar Wood Weddings
Photography: Kristyn Hogan

Number 4: Figure out your entertainment/photography. Food and your entertainment can be swapped based on whether you care more about food or entrainment. Find that photographer that you love, nail down that DJ and figure out whether you actually want a videographer or a Photo Booth. And when any one of these vendors ask about your venue and date of your wedding you already got it!


DJ: Djae Melee

If you follow these steps, each and every decision for your wedding will become easier and easier. There won’t be the running around, “oh wait, I didn’t do that yet” or the “shoot, how could I have forgotten that?” Of course within these steps you are more than welcome to think about other aspects of your wedding such as who you want to invite and what type of dress you want to get. But the decisions above will help you stay on budget and be organized the easiest way possible. We hope this helps!

Featured Image: Beau-coup Blog

Much Love! Engaged New England

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