Are you Getting What you Paid For??

Vendors, they can either make or break you wedding day and its your job to choose which ones you want to use at your wedding. With so many options of vendors to choose from how do you know you are truly getting what you are paying for? It’s a little thing we like to call “Buyers Beware.” Throughout this article we will give you some helpful hints on how to tell whether you are booking a reliable vendor or not. So what do you look for when searching for vendors?

When you are looking at photographers…you want to make sure they are showing full wedding portfolios, not just highlights. This means that they are showing all of their pictures from the beginning of the wedding to the end.

When you are looking for florists and planners…you want to make sure they are giving photo credit or credit of any kind? A lot of photographers will share their pictures from a wedding with that specific event planner or florist, the only thing they ask is for the planner or florist to give them credit. If credit is not given they most likely did not get the “ok” to use that photo.  Also feel free to ask to speak to a past client, or get a bunch of recommendations.

For any vendor…If you see a photo of a cake, flowers, or an idea you absolutely love, ask for a couple different angles of that picture or other some different shots from a different wedding. This allows you to see a couple different samples of their work and you know what you can expect for that day.

Stock photos (not real couples that actually got married) and inspiration shots are great and a perfect way to show some upcoming trends in the wedding world. But keep in mind, these stock photos and inspiration shots should be shared on social media, not on their websites.

When looking at vendors, reviews are important but it is always good to ask for references. People will be able to tell you a little bit more about what actually happened that day or how much they loved that vendor. If there is a bad review, it never hurts to ask about it. Everyone has off days or a miscommunication here and there. Plus some reviews get written in the midst of that emotion and when you look back on it, the day and vendor wasn’t as bad as you had originally given that review.

Another great way to tell if you have a good vendor is by the contract they send you. It should be a well detailed, written out contract. Not just a piece of paper that has a couple expectations and pricing on the page that you sign.

If you are feeling stuck or lost it never hurts to call a local wedding event planner or ask your venue. Many planners and venues have a list of certain vendors they like to work with and trust. We hope this helps! Happy wedding planning.

Much Love! Engaged New England

Some examples of stock photos, inspiration shots…and notice none have water marks


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