Questions for Your Possible Venue that Aren’t Even on Your Radar

To many couples, a venue is one of the key factors in planning your wedding, the space you rent sets the scene. You wouldn’t have a garden wedding in a castle or an elegant black tie affair with 300 people in a small barn with the capacity of 150. So what questions do you have to ask in order to have the wedding you want.

Heidi Hanson from Always and Forever Weddings as well as Kia Martinson from Estoccasions have been wedding event planners for years. They have helped more couples than we can count start their wedding day off without a hitch. And here is what questions they say you can’t forget to ask while searching for a venue.

What is the capacity?? Some venues can only fit up to 150 people while other venues can fit up to 300. If you are planning on inviting 300 people don’t try to squeeze that many people into a 150 person venue, it would be rather uncomfortable and cause some awkward uninviting.

Is there a Wedding Party Suite/Getting Ready Room? To some people this isn’t a big deal, but to others it is a make it or break it. In retrospect it is always nice to get ready on property.

If there is a wedding the day before? Many venues get booked with multiple weddings on one weekend. So that means that your Saturday wedding might be sharing the same weekend with a Friday and Sunday Wedding. Make sure you check because that changes when and if you can do a rehearsal the day before and the amount of time you have to set up.

If you can set up ahead of time? A couple venues let you set up the day before but many venues give you just that day. Make sure that you have enough time to set up for your wedding.

When you have to be out of the Venue? It’s the end of your wedding, your exhausted and you just found out that everything that is yours has to be out of the venue that night…stressful right? Well you don’t have to worry because you already asked this question and you know that you can come back and pick up all of your things by noon the next day. Make sure you find out what your venue’s policy is that way you aren’t stressing the night of.

What decorations are allowed or not allowed? Some venues do not allow you to have real candles, confetti, rice, sparklers, etc. So before planning your big exit filled with confetti and rice throwing make sure your venue allows you to do that.

Back up spaces? If you are having a ceremony or cocktail hour outside and it rains what are your options? Should you have a tent on reserve or is there a place you could move to inside? All good questions to ask and be prepared for your wedding day.

Cancellation Policy? We really hope that no one will ever have to use the answer to this question but trust us we have seen it happen. Make sure you know just in case anything comes about.

Of course there are the questions that need to be asked such as pricing, catering and what vendors they recommend. But we hope that the questions above allow you to come away from the venue search with the understanding and knowledge of everything you get when you book your venue.

Much love! Engaged New England


Venue: The Inn at Mount Pleasant Bed and Breakfast
Photo Credit: C10 Studios
Event Planner: Estoccasions

Featured Item
Venue: The Inn at Mount PleasantPhoto Credit: Jacek Dolata Photography
Event Planner: Estoccasions




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