A Destination Wedding Right in your Backyard

Many couples hem and haw over the idea of having a destination wedding. However, due to the fact that many couples want to celebrate with their whole family, the pesky airport or timing can play a huge factor in why couples decide against a destination wedding. But who’s to say you have to get on an airplane and travel half way around the world?! I mean, come on we live in New England, we are surrounded by perfect locations to have a destination wedding!!

According to Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, “10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding” written by Susan Moynihan – a destination wedding is defined as marrying at least 100 miles from where you currently live. Therefore, if you live in CT who’s to say you can’t have your wedding in Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, Massachusetts, or Vermont, etc.

Just think about it, when you get married, generally most of your friends and family have to travel. Which also means that most of them end up getting a hotel anyways. So why not just change the address in the GPS and meet somewhere such as Block Island or a ski resort in Vermont.

Many places such as hotels and transportation will offer deals and hold a block for your guests that way they can all get to your wedding at the same time at a discounted price.

Why not allow your guests to hit the slopes before they get ready for your gorgeous ski resort wedding. Or hit the beach for that extra little tan before they watch you say your “I Dos” in Martha’s Vineyard or Block Island.

Long story short, forget about the unruly airports, long security lines and the pesky prices of trying to make your airplane tickets. Just hop in the car and take a short trip up to your favorite spot and say your “I Dos” with a view. A destination wedding doesn’t have to mean a trip halfway across the world it could be right in your backyard.

Wedding Event Planner: Estoccasions

Photo Credit: Rose Schaller Photo

Venue: Rose Farm Inn, Block Island, RI

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