8 Things You Shouldn’t Do Once you are Engaged

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That day has finally come! The love of your life just popped the question in the most romantic way possible and you want to not only tell everyone you know but every single stranger you pass on the way home. You need to find a wedding dress, a venue and who are going to be your bridesmaids?!! But WAIT, take a deep breathe, because anything you are about to do in the next couple hours to the next couple weeks you are most likely going to regret! Here are 8 things you should avoid once you are engaged and why.


  1. Share on every single social media site possible! With Thanksgiving and all the other holidays drawing near you want to make sure you tell the ones you love in person, instead of them finding out that you are engaged via that facebook post.
  2. Run out and get a dress! All those dresses you have been endlessly posting on pinterest, can actually become a reality! But take your time, there are several factors that go into buying a dress, such as venue, time of year and what you want to look like on your wedding day. Your mind can change very quickly, but once you get your wedding dress that is 10x harder to change.
  3. Go on pinterest! I know it is tempting but I promise you if you go on pinterest as soon as you are engaged you will be spinning in circles with all the crazy ideas you come across. Take your time to figure out what you want at your wedding.
  4. Rush out and book vendors! Do your research and make sure you are actually booking the vendors you want at the right price.
  5. Be hell bent on a date! Be flexible when it comes to dates, in the long run it isn’t going to matter if you got married on May 14 or May 21. Get an idea of what season you would like to get married in and then look at your calendar and see when works for you and the venue you want. Keep in mind, holiday weekends tend to be more expensive in all aspects – venues, hotels, vendors, etc.
  6. Choose your bridal party! Your bridal party should consist of your close dear friends that want to share your amazing day with you. Your best friend from High School who you haven’t talked to in several years that is chatting you up about your engagement might not be the best pick. So take your time to decide, there is no need for Bridal Party drama on your big day.
  7. Hire friends as vendors! That friend that calls you up and says that they will photograph your wedding for free might not be the best idea no matter how tempting. Let your friends enjoy the wedding and leave it to the professionals to make your day amazing.
  8. Randomly tell people they are invited to your wedding. This especially goes for your co-workers and your neighbor that you talk to once a month. Remember the amount of people you invite can determine the price of your wedding so don’t promise seats you don’t have. It makes for really awkward conversations when it comes to your wedding day and they still haven’t gotten their invite.


  1. Enjoy being engaged! Take this time to enjoy being engaged to the love of your life and sharing this very special moment with family and dear friends.
  2. Take your time! You don’t have to rush into anything. Take your time and carefully plan how you want you day to go. Remember it is your day, you do not have to take your future sister-in-law’s crazy DIY wedding ideas.
  3. If you are lost or overwhelmed call a wedding planner! They don’t have to create your wedding for you but they can give you some great insights on vendors and your big day that won’t even cross your mind. Remember they have been doing this forever and they know the in’s and the out’s of getting married which can help make your wedding day be the best day of your life.

Much love! Engaged New England

Featured Image:
Found on: PinterestCredit: Dee Rayray


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